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From world women to world women

   Akitai is a Fair Fashion brand developed mostly by Women for Women. Akitai is a rare seashell found in very deep Japanese waters. Akitai women are rare, unique, passionate and compassionate. Every piece has a special feature. Designs share a common goal of making us feel Beautiful, Empowered and Loved. Our clothes, jewelry and accessories are a collection of hand picked designs curated and transformed by me in my adventure trips around Southeast Asia.

   Years have passed and my journey has brought me to live in Thailand. As part of my contribution to this life, I gave birth to Akitai with the aim of sharing handmade Asian women’s garments and accessories with the world’s women. I have faith that every stitch in this shop has been ethically made. My never-ending curiosity has taken me to visit each of the artisans’ and designers’ houses and workshops.

   Our showroom is located at Promenada Mall, Section A, Chiang Mai. Be welcome to shop in person. 

   Akitai is a brand operated by Tai Pamai Impex Co. Ltd., a company registered in Thailand in 2011.

You may find AKITAI products on Amazon.com and on ETSY AkitaiWorldTreasures.

   May these clothes, jewelry and accessories bring little moments of JOY TO YOUR LIFE and to those Women you Love.


 Raquel Silva

Andres Matos